At Cohen Group we are motivated by three core principles, our continued drive for innovation, our fervent insistence on excellent work, and our detailed attention to providing our clients with service that goes far beyond industry standards.

For us, just doing the job isn’t nearly enough. From the moment we start working on a project our team digs in to a level of research and development that most firms simply choose to avoid. While the extra time we put into a project might affect our profit margin, to us, having a finished project that we are proud of is of paramount importance, certainly more than simply what is at the bottom of the balance sheet.

Having worked on literally thousands of different engineering projects, we have developed a work flow and quality control system that is unparalleled in the industry. We are proud to say that our mistakes are a few, but when they do happen, we are quick to point them out to our clients and quick to resolve them so is not to adversely affect the job deadline.

When working with Cohen Group on a short term project, or years-long rollout, you will find the same attentiveness and focus on every aspect of our engineering. We know that the extra time we put him in the planning stage pays great dividends in during the construction phase. However, we don’t just simply rely on great planning to bring the project to a successful fruition. We are hands-on throughout. That means we are out in the field, checking on installation and on every aspect of the project, from the smallest data wire, to the largest trunk cables, we never signed off until it passes through our quality control system, reviewing it at the most detailed levels.

Finally, at Cohen Group, we ride the cusp of new technology. Ever-seeking ways to offer our clients the newest and latest in the world of electrical engineering to increase their energy efficiency and reduce their overall costs. We also seek Earth-first electrical engineering options in the realm of sustainability. We want to help protect our planet by giving our clients options to have smaller carbon footprints and to take advantage of greater natural resources to power their projects.

We look forward to speaking with you soon and hope you will provide us with the opportunity to demonstrate how the Cohen Group can take your next electrical engineering project to the highest level possible.