Our People

Jack Arslanian, P.E.

Jack Arslanian, P.E. – President/Principal

Jack is the principal engineer at Cohen Group and has been a part of the company since 1987. Jack’s passion for engineering is derived from the fact that the business is all about using science in practical ways to create solutions for the immediate benefit of the society. He leads the team at Cohen to create comprehensive studies at the start of each project and then make well prepared drawings that leave no room for interpretation when it comes to executing the work at the job site. Apart from engineering Jack is also an avid woodworker.

You may contact Jack directly at JackA@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Youssef Matta, P.E., RCDD

Youssef Matta, P.E., RCDD – Executive Vice President

Youssef started working at Cohen Group as a partner in 2005. He was drawn to engineering based on the fact that it is a never ending race that provides continuous improvement to every aspect of life. For Youssef, Cohen is all about creating solutions to complex problems that most firms are simply unable to solve. He sees electricity as the lifeblood of our world. It powers buildings, machines, cities and is entwined with every aspect of our lives. There is nothing more fascinating than being at the center of it.

You may contact Youssef directly at YoussefM@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Gellan Luceno

Gellan Luceno – Project Engineer

Gellan has a fascination with technology. The fact that electronic components are modified, invented and reinvented every day brings an excitement on how to apply that technology in useful ways to the modern world.His passion for solving engineering problems and their history of significant and interesting projects landed him with the Cohen Group in 2002. Gellan claims that he has never “worked” a single day at Cohen Group because he is passionate about what he does which makes it hardly feel like work to him. Apart from the necessary paycheck, he believes that the reward for work well done is simply the opportunity to do more.

You may contact Gellan directly at GellanL@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Gregory Hardman

Gregory Hardman – CAD Manager

Gregory’s interest in electrical engineering began watching his father as a construction worker doing hands on electrical installation. Now, having worked for Cohen Group close to 20 years, Gregory enjoys being a part of a team the is always pushing to bring more innovation to the construction effort in the engineering community. He has always been meticulous in his work and likes that Cohen Group is always focused down to the smallest details when it comes to providing quality to their clients. When not on an engineering project, Gregory enjoys jazz music and fine art.

You may contact Gregory directly at GregoryH@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Joey Baris

Joey Baris – Project Engineer

From a young age, Joey always wondered how things work. He would try to improve the things in his world by making them more efficient or adjusting their functionality. At that stage, the only thing he knew about engineers is that they sat at the front of the train. Since 2004 Joey has applied his natural fascination of the natural world to The Cohen Group. He constantly pours on technical journals and information online to keep up with the state of the art in electrical engineering. His work ethic centers on not only making sure that the client’s needs are met but attending to them so feel well taken care of.

You may contact Joey directly at JoeyB@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Sam Tanyous, P.E.

Sam Tanyous, P.E. – Senior Electrical Engineer

Sam’s driving goal is to help improve the quality of life for as many people as he can. He sees engineering as a powerful tool of creation and improvement. Everything around us has been engineered. Since 2005 Sam has been contributed his engineering skills to the Cohen Group. He is driven by his love of creating excellent and cost-effective designs in the in the office and then having them realized in full scope out in the field. Sam attributes the Cohen Group’s success to their strong desire of fulfilling their clients needs, helping them beyond their expectations and always responding to their requests quickly.

You may contact Sam directly at SamT@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Susumu Kono

Susumu Kono – Associate

You may contact Susumu directly at SusK@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Elizabeth Montero

Elizabeth Montero – Staff Accountant

You may contact Elizabeth directly at ElizabethM@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Yolanda D. Valerio

Yolanda D. Valerio – Administrative Assistant

You may contact Yolli directly at YolliV@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420

Rowena P. Laquian

Rowena P. Laquian – Administrative Assistant

You may contact Rowena directly at RowenaL@cohengroup.com or call (818) 461-1420