Health Care

bw-healthcareWe know the power requirements for medical facilities are complicated at best. That’s why the Cohen Group brings all of our expertise to designing power systems uniquely tailored for the medical industry. Having already developed central plans, emergency rooms, MRI and CAT scan facilities, there is nothing that The Cohen Group can’t accommodate when it comes to healthcare power systems. We start with a load analysis at the beginning of a project to determine a strategy for making sure the budget of power is available. We coordinate with the mechanical engineering team to make sure that power is always available for every department while the project is underway. We know that uninterrupted power is vital for your facility 24/7! CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE


bw-hotelsDistributing power throughout a large facility such as a hotel requires a unique understanding to the power usage requirements. Each project brings its own level of complexity that the Cohen Group is uniquely qualified to service. Our resume of projects range from hotel innovation to large extended-stay resorts, from 50 room to 500 room structures to phased rollout projects where we add modularly add to existing structures. We know that hotels and resorts are like small cities with unique lighting and power requirements. From bright and cheery well-lit lobbies to conference rooms featuring enough outlets distributed in convenient locations, we think through the entire range of specific needs and provide detailed plans to your satisfaction. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE


bw-casinosIn the last 10 years, casinos have become more and more complicated when it comes to power requirements. Gaming machines have power and data requirements that must been taken into account. Further, each state has its own unique laws and regulations that cannot be overlooked. Further, security concerns are paramount in gaming institutions. Casino hotels have their own requirements that are very different than the casino’s needs. Power needs shift from area to area in a casino. The front has a wide array of lighting concerns while other areas have restaurant power requirements, refrigeration, data, laundry, etc. A casino is like a mini-city that must be assessed piece by piece in order to provide a successful outcome. Having completed several large casino projects, Cohen group is uniquely qualified to handle and gaming institution. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE


bw-educationsFrom small elementary schools, colleges to large university campuses. Having worked with a variety of public education bodies, we understand the specific needs of government regulations. Schools are so much more than just classrooms; labs have their own unique power requirements, lunchrooms, technology and data requirements, etc. Lighting and ventilation requirements are highly complex in making sure the proper lighting level and air systems contribute to the student’s ability to perform. When we work on education systems, we engage a lab consultant who coordinates the unique needs each lab as well as the number and distribution of outlets. From laser beams to cyclotrons, educational power needs are as diverse as the schools they inhabit. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE


bw-theatersTheaters have unique lighting needs that are unlike any other power requirements. In theater electrical loads can shift dramatically; showing daytime and night time scenes. Dimming systems for theaters have multitudes of connections and unique power requirements to take into account. This, as well as providing stable non-spiking power the computer systems that control dimming systems. Further, mechanical systems like winches, elevators and lifts have their own unique power requirements. Making sure each of these systems have their own power needs fulfilled means a delicate understanding of how they function together. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE


bw-residentialThe Cohen Group focuses on multi-family dwellings in the area of residential electrical engineering. Demand load calculation must be assessed before we draw up plans. Figuring out how much power may be needed at a particular time or day in a particular season. That balanced against providing the most economical use of power for the owners. We typically use MC cables over conduit for flexibility in bringing power to each family dwelling. We create power systems for underground garages and high rise elevators. The requirements are very different from gas to electric heat. We have vast experience in coordinating with the local utility companies that can often be the bottleneck in any project. CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE